My PCOS story: introduction to the blog and our fertility journey

My name is Jayne and I am 31 years old.  I have predominantly set up this blog to accompany a video blog I started on YouTube and to share my journey with my partner through fertility treatment due to myself having poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  I posted my first video on Sunday 7th June via YouTube and Facebook with my partners blessing; I was very nervous about doing this as I felt I had ‘laid my soul bare’ and it’s a very personal thing to discuss.  A friend suggested I start a blog as well…and here we are!

I want to start with a bit of a back ground on myself and my partner…

I met Neil back in 2013, had our first date in May 2013 and by February 2014 we were engaged; we get married in December 2015.  We have a great relationship and we couldn’t wait to start a family. I had to explain to Neil that this would not be straightforward as it is with other couples and that we may have to access fertility services.

I first found out I had PCOS when I was sixteen years old. I had initially started menstruating when I was twelve years old and these were perfectly normal for around two years.  Once I turned fourteen this changed and many symptoms started to appear.  My periods slowed to around once every six months; despite this my body would go through the ‘cycle’ of period pains, bloating and PMT but no period would arrive.  Which I can tell you is frustrating!  When it did arrive they were horrendous and could last up to 20 days or more, were consistently heavy and the pain was at times debilitating. I gained weight, I suffered terrible back acne and would go through periods of extreme low mood and become very tearful, mostly for no apparent reason. This lead to my parents becoming concerned and several trips to our general practitioner. The main issue here was that most of this symptoms were linked with puberty and hence I was not listened too and told it was normal and part of growing up.  This carried on for two years.

Then after my sixteenth birthday my mum found an article online about PCOS and recognised the symptoms in me, so laden with the article we arranged yet another appointment and basically demanded to be tested for the condition.  One blood test later and a few scans I was diagnosed with the condition. Treatment at this time basically involved putting me on the pill to help regulate my periods.  I was later put on metformin but was purely because I ‘harassed’ the doctor!

The diagnosis of PCOS did not really bother me at this time, I was very young and not being able to have children did not seem to bother me at this time, in fact I pretty much convinced myself as a grew through my twenties that I in fact did not want them.  I feel this was mainly because I was young, carefree and had no inclination of settling down at this time. As I ‘matured’ into my late twenties my views on this started to change.  But in all honesty it was not until I met Neil that this started to change to a ‘yeah it would be nice’ to ‘I do want a family and no cysts are going to stand in my way!’

It is a horrible conversation to have, explaining that although we would love a family it may not happen and explaining why. I always feel a sense of guilt because it is my body causing the hold ups and it took some time for Neil to fully understand.

I was aware that we would need to visit the doctor before we started trying for a family and so in January 2015 I came of the pill and we made an appointment. We were told to enjoy some baby making, start folic acid and follow a healthy diet (which included reducing caffeine and no alcohol!) for three months, if after three months we had no joy we were to go back. Additionally, I had to go for blood tests to check out my hormones and blood sugars etc.

When nothing happened after three months we went back and was told that we would be referred to a fertility clinic. I was expecting this to take some time, however this only took around six weeks to come through and this is happening in two weeks time.

We don’t really know what to expect, and I aim to document this journey to help others on the same journey.

For those wanting to watch the video please click here


3 thoughts on “My PCOS story: introduction to the blog and our fertility journey

  1. Well done Jayne very proud of you. You have always. Taken your problems in your stride and I am always here with a shoulder for you if you need it. Love Mum x


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