The day finally arrived…Wednesday 24th June 2015. The day we were due to go and see the gynaecologist for some assistance with trying to conceive. It did not go as well as I had hoped. 

After a fab weekend filled with meals out, time with the family and a trip to the British Seaside we were both feeling pretty positive. We arrived at the hospital and tried to find where we needed to go. As we were walking down this long corridor I was discussing with Neil how I would prefer to receive antenatal care (when the time arrives) at the hospital I work at, it has done better in recent inspections and is close to hand when I am in work should any issues arise. It is however, in the next town and is about a 20-30 minutes drive (depending on route and/or traffic). Neil, on the other hand, felt we should go to our local hospital as it was closer. My point was I’d rather a longer journey for better care. So as we are debating this we arrive at the outpatient area we need to be in, announce our arrival and sit and wait.

When we received the letter it stated that there may be pregnant women in this area and if this would cause upset they can arrange for us to wait in another area. This has never bothered me; why would I resent others for having the one thing we struggle to have , knowing how it makes us feel?  I guess it must affect some women more then others; in this area the gynaecology department, the labour ward and the ultrasound department were all situated together…a little insensitive in my eyes. 

A nurse came and called my name, our height and weight was taken for our BMI (body mass index) and we were shown into the examination room. Then the doctor started talking…I realised they had the wrong notes. The nurses had called another patient but due to a heavy accent we had miss heard. The nurses ushered us out of the office while the doctor barked instructions at them while they are still shooing us down the corridor, only to be called back. Great start!  It was at this point Neil agreed about my choice of hospital! 

The doctor began (again) to introduce himself and went through the (correct) notes (and not without more blunders from previous nurses!) and it transpired that the blood tests I had before did not give a good enough picture as I was not menstrating at the time however Neil’s seamen analysis came back in normal range. So the first step he said for me was to have some additional blood tests done between days two to four of my cycle.  To overcome my blatant lack of cycle he prescribed me some medication that should work to induce a period so I can go and get these tests done. If this does not work in inducing a visit from Aunt Flo then I have been given a schedule of blood tests on set days. These blood tests will help them to understand if my hormones are in a normal range or not and whether I am actually ovulating or not.  This all seemed okay to me. However he then stated that unless I lost a minimum of three stone they would not be able to help or put me on any medication to aid with ovulation due to adipose (body fat) storing large amounts of hormones that would counteract the medication. I’m pretty sure it was at this point my heart sank and had to hold the tears in. 

I have always struggled with my weight and am always trying to shift the pounds; one of my main PCOS symptoms is difficulty loosing weight. So the thought of having to loose three stone broke my heart knowing how long it takes me to loose a small amount of weight. The doctor carried on and said they would carry on with proceedings on the premise that I loose the weight however, if when the next appointment comes and I have not lost any weight there was no point going. I asked for advice on loosing weight with PCOS as I do struggle and my diet on the whole is pretty good, despite the odd blip or meal out, and I was told to cut out startches…!  No other help/advice. 

As I walked out, I felt crushed and dreams of babies and family times seemed to be drifting away. I walked through the waiting area to leave the hospital and there was a sea of heavily pregnant women lovingly rubbing rounded tummies. I had to just look forward and avoid them, today I did not want to look at them. By the time we got to the lift I couldn’t hold it in and for the first time ever Neil saw me cry.


11 thoughts on “Fertility Clinic appointment – round 1. AKA PCOS 1-0 Jayne and Neil

  1. I’ve now just received my ‘choose and book’ for my NHS appointment. Typical.. I don’t know whether I want to go back to the GP or not. I’m so confident when I’m standing up for my patients but when it comes to myself I’m a lamb.

    I’ve another appointment with the private clinic- for a HSG test to see if my tubes or blocked.. But after that I don’t know whether to go to the NHS appointment or GP πŸ˜•
    Nic. Xx


  2. Hey Janye,

    It’s really awful that you work so hard as a caring nurse to receive such insensitivity from doctors.

    We (my hubby and I) have been trying for a baby for 2 years and I felt like my GP just didn’t want to know, and told me My bloods were fine and I seem to be ovulating. No history or symptoms of PCOS but very irregular cycles.

    Anyway I was finally referred to see a fertility consultant in February this year.. Only to receive a cancellation latter in April to which I still don’t know the reasons for.

    My husband and I just recently went to a private clinic (just could not wait any longer, and now dipping into my ‘house deposit’savings) where the consultant took 1 look at my bloods and said I wasn’t ovulating (relief to know and all! But really i had been given false information before).

    Anyway I don’t know how far I’ll go in the private route (don’t know how much I can afford) but it was the only place u felt like they cared and wanted to help.

    I really do think your a strong, determined lady and you can loose some weight– I’ve just started running this year because I had gained quite a bit since getting married. I often run (jog at the best) and just keep repeating on my head– this is for baby! Which keeps me going.

    I used an app called ‘5k runners’ and found it really good because it builds you up to running with walking intervals. Might be worthy try.

    All the best of luck, and keep up the blog it’s wonderful.

    Nichola 😘


    1. I’m so sorry you are both going through this too Nichola! It’s a horrible situation to be in and the sensitivity ,or lack of, does not help at all! Are you going to go back to your gp now you have this new information? Xx


  3. Sorry to hear the doctor was so insensitive, keep your spirits up and show them you can loose a bit of weight and go back to them .love aunty betty xx


  4. It must be awful to be told that Jayne & Neil, why don’t you do some research on dieting with pcos and I know that you will put all of your might into it but sod what that doctor said! If I was you I would go back to your gp and request to be re-referred to a different doctor although I know it’s more waiting, good luck and hopefully the next blog will be more positive, it’s heart-wrenching knowing that you are going through all of this xxx


  5. Oh! my darling daughter I knew you were close to tears when you were talking so frankly to me last night. I cannot believe that a doctor who knows you suffer with PCOS can be so insensitive with your weight issues. All I can say is hold in there try and lose some wait and bloody well go back whether you have lost 3 stones or not! You need to know the answers as to whether you ovulate or not because surely that needs to be addressed by the medical profession before he can deny you further treatment due to your weight. I know how hard you have tried over the years to lose weight and it is heartbreaking watching you try yet another diet. Brilliant piece of writing. Love you Mum xx


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