So as mentioned in yesterday’s post I have been put on some medication to induce a visit from aunt flo so that I can go for more blood tests. I did not mention the name as, frankly I could not read the doctors hand writing! But the prescription has been collected and I now have the tablets to start today.

I have been given Norethisterone to take (10mg bd aka 2 tablets twice a day).Β  This is along side the metformin I take, which was increased to 500mg BD (twice a day).


It looks very unassuming and will apparently induce a period. Simple…right?


I went straight to the side effects…first thing I read is there is a risk of venous thromboembolism (vte). I will need to be careful here as there is a family history of these.




As you can see from these pictures I can look forward to an array of side effects…Oh joy!Β  Possible side effects include, but by no means limited too:

Issues with breathing, wheezing
Feeling faint
Swelling of hands & feet/face & tongue
Skin rash (plus intense itching)
Risk of blood clot in the lungs (pulmonary embolism), stroke or DVT

I won’t lost everything as…well it’d be boring but the lost goes on to include effects on:
Reproductive system and breasts
Nervous system
Stomach and intestine
Heart & circulation
Skin & hair

So the next ten days could be interesting indeed. I kind of feel there are some big risks here all for some blood tests that might not even matter; purely because if I don’t lose the three stone they won’t help us anyway.


4 thoughts on “For the love of side effects…

  1. OMG! Did the doctor not ask if there was family history of blood clots? I would have thought that was a very important question to ask! Bloody doctors just don’t seem to care. You will lose the weight be positive, you are a determined lady and will get there. I can see your wedding dress having to be altered lol! Love Mum xx


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