The first step to weight loss

Saturday saw the start of my diet. The first step to loosing the three stone required by the fertility service.

I was initially going to do whole30 as recommended by a friend, I still think I would like to do this but first I really want to loose some weight and get my head around what is required of us.

So in-between trying to figure out when I might need to go for my blood tests and whether my shifts will get in the way and working a late shift today I started actidiet. Actidiet is a meal replacement diet and requires you to drink lots of water and consume up to four sachets a day. They have various plans and I have opted to have three sachets and a low calorie meal. This was primarily due to the nature of my job and it can be physically tiring at times.

I know not everyone understands meal replacement diets, or even agrees with them however this is our situation and I’m willing to give this a go of it shifts some, if not all of the weight. A friend of mine is already doing the diet and went to university with someone else who did it and have seen good results. I had previously attempted it but my heart was not in it and on the whole I was at peace with my size.

So, going back to was my first day. I guess Saturday is a weird day to start a diet, but I am on night shift Monday and Tuesday. I didn’t feel this was a great day to start, however by starting today I hope I will be in full swing of things and be prepared.


For breakfast I had a mango smoothie. This was very nice and treated quite juicy however was thick like a shake. I made this with cold water and ice and it was very nice. I drank a large glass of water with this as I was told to drink water with the sachets and my meal and that is 2000ml done (thanks Kathryn!) this worked well and I managed to drink my required amount of water no problem today. For lunch I had a tuna salad as my low-cal meal before going to work. My shift stayed at 1330 until 2130.

Whilst at work I drank plenty of water and did not start to feel remotely hungry until around 1700 but due to being busy at work this passed until I went on my break around 1900. At this time I had a toffee shake (which had added prebiotics).Β  My first mouthful of this tasted stupidly sweet and I was not sure if I liked it, but after a few mouthfuls I was able to stomach it. This kept me going and I have not felt any further hunger. I was still due another sachet and I had taken another shake in case I was hungry at work however I waited until I got home and had one of the porridge sachets.

Anyone who knows me well will know how much I hate porridge. I detest it. The smell of it mashes me went to hurl the contents of my stomach across the room. I hate it so much I struggle to feed my patients and would much rather deal with a code brown! Yet there I was eating it tonight…I won’t say I enjoyed it but it was warm and filling. I felt it was a better option then a sweet shake this close to bedtime.

I don’t like to eat late but I think the key to this diet is spacing the meals out as it is a low calorie diet.

So there you have it, I survived the day and hopefully tomorrow won’t be too bad either!

Please note I am not endorsing this diet or acting as an expert. These are merely my opinions and experiences. Should you require assistance with weightloss you should consult with a medical or health care professional. Thank you.


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