Weigh in day…!

So this week, as many of you know, I started my diet to loose a mammoth three stone. I started the Actidiet which is ketogenic.  Today I had my first weigh in and lost…..

A ketogenic diet is one in which your body goes into ketosis and uses fat sources (or ketones) instead of glucose. It was originally designed to treat those with epilepsy and was designed by Dr Henry Rawle Geyelin (you can read more about this here and here). In my opinion this appears to be a good option for one with PCOS and insulin resistance as this type of diet can help reduce insulin levels as is explained here. (Please note, I am not a trained nutritionist or an expert in PCOS, I am not advocating this diet for anyone, I am on a personal journey and this is working for me.  Everyone is different.  Always consult your own health care professionals for advice and guidance.  Always do your own research!  Okay…nag over!)

There are various options to follow on Actidiet and I opted for a low calorie (LCD) route rather than a very low calorie diet (VCLD); this meant I could still have an evening meal with Neil and enjoy the social side of eating. So in a nut shell, each day I am required to have three Actidiet sachets, one 300 calorie meal and 2.5 to 3 litres of water. The sachets include an array of different flavored shakes and smoothies, soups, meals, porridge and eggs. In addition to this I am allowed a certain amount of dairy, one 330 ml can of a citric-acid and sugar free drink (such as coke zero), one bottle of sparkling water, up to three pieces of chewing gum (from an approved list) and up to three teaspoons of approved sweeteners; tea (black and herbal) and coffee is also allowed. I will not bore you with in’s and out’s the whole plan!

So, I expected to spend the week walking the walls feeling as hungry as a horse and urinating like one with the amount of water I am required to drink whilst my body took time to reach ketosis; however this was not the case. I have rarely felt hungry this week, but this could be due to the volume of water that is consistently in my belly, the crazy heat this week or the fact I am so focused on the reason why I am doing this crazy diet. It helps I have a close friend doing it with me as well, who I am able to text pictures of my dinners to and they’re also getting excited about what I have thrown together from a very limited list.  It’s a small thing, but it does help.  (Thank you Miss Lake!)

Me walking the walls...!  Hahaha!
This was what was going to happen to me in my head!
So as mentioned, I am allowed an actual real meal every day. The time of this really does vary due to my shifts, but I managed not to break the diet whilst being on nights this week, which is pretty impressive seeing as I am not built for nights (thank goodness I only have a few a month! I am like the walking zombie nurse, how my handovers and notes make sense I will never know…or maybe they don’t…hahaha!). This image from the Actidiet webpage explains what I can have for my one and only ‘real food’ meal each day. You are allowed to mix up what you have, so you’re not just eating a plate full of tuna and spinach like I did on my first day!

Actidiet fourth meal guidelines

There has been a great source of support on this diet from the Facebook group for the plan. There is no end of support, ideas, tips and hints on that page. I never knew there was so many ways to use the sachets. For instance, this week I have frozen a coconut shake, made toffee ‘cake’ from a shake and a sachet of eggs, and made chocolate ‘muffins’ from a chocolate shake and a sachet of porridge. Just yesterday I also made ice cream pops by mixing an ice cream flavored shake with some yogurt and froze in an ice lolly mold.

In other news, I have been continuing with my medication as instructed by the gynecologist, and I am happy to report I have not experienced any of the awful possible side effects, no signs of a pulmonary embolism/deep vein thrombosis (DVT)/stroke and no emotional outbursts (well…no more than usual!).  I finish these tablets on Sunday and then hopefully aunt flo will make her appearance and I can go and have my blood tests at the required time.  This should hopefully determine if I am actually ovulating or not.  I had a thought this week that if I am not, we may have to consider a donor egg.  I did bring this up to Neil but not sure either of us are keen.  This lead us onto adoption…again…and we are still undecided.  It sounds harsh, as their are so many worthwhile children that deserve to be adopted but we would want to raise someone from a baby and we could not guarantee this would be possible.  I have no doubt this will be a subject we return to again.  Right now, conceiving our own child has not been ruled out.

Wedding buisness has yet again distracted me as we have started to pay balances and look seriously at table plans as well as seeing what little things we get sorted now.  I would like a stress free run up to the wedding from now please!  As well as this, the bridesmaids dresses arrived…they are stunning and so well made!  We were a little aprehensive as we ordered them online from a dress maker based in Manchester, and all we sent was a picture of the dress we wanted!  Scary stuff, but we need not have worried as they are just beautiful!  (If you are getting married and reading this I highly recommend them and you can visit their site here).

I shall leave you know with a nifty little video of my week in pictures (if you follow me on instagram you will most likely have seen these, so…yeah…sorry…!)

A week in pictures
A week in pictures
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