One step forward, ten steps back

After our initial appointment we felt like we were getting somewhere. We had a plan of action:
Loose some weight
Take those crazy pills
Have a period
Get bloods taken to find out if I was ovulating

Simple right? Apparently not. We assumed that once I had my blood test the results would generate another appointment with the gynecologist. However, after phoning the clinic yesterday it appears we were inky given half the story.

I rang our GP surgery to see if they would have my results but they advised me to call the hospital. So I called the hospital to see if they could tell me how we go about getting my results and whether we wis have another appointment at some point. I ended up speaking to the gynecologist’s secretary, who I must say was so lovely and extremely understanding and patient.

What we souks have been told was that I had a second boys test to do on my 21st day of my cycle called 21 day progesterone. This is the test that tells them if I am ovulating or not. The original one I had last week was just for my hormone levels. This was not made clear to me at the appointment. Luckily this day has not passed, and due to having some lovely colleagues and ward manager I’ve been able to swop my shifts around to majestic sure I can get this done on the correct day.  This also meant I had to arrange with my GP surgery to generate a blood card die me to take to the phlebotomy clinic next week.

As for the follow up appointment, we were expected to go back to the GP once I’d lost weight and they could arrange for our next appointment at the gynecology clinic. This also was not made clear to us. The secretary read out the notes to me and these were more detailed then what we was advised. Most annoying thing was that after the doctor had been so rude about my weight and stressing I needed to drop a minimum of three stone he would commence me on clomed once I was under a BMI of 32. I was advised by the Secretary to arrange a GP appointment if I though I who’s have achieved that by October as that is when the most recent appointments are being made.

As luck would have it, my BMI is now under 32 after losing, as of today, 1 stone 4 pounds!

After, and during, this phonecall I geeky so angry I was closer to tears. Why had this not been made clear at our appointment?  Was it because of the bumbling nurses and their constant interruptions? I was so upset by it all I have actually put in a complaint to the hospital.

We have now got a GP appointment booked to generate the next gynaecology appointment and this is a  positive step. It did, however, feel like we were taking a few steps forward then ten backwards.

We have to stay positive and think that potentially we could be on clomed by the end of the year.


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