Things are looking up (hopefully!)

The last week has been an odd one filled with ups and downs.

It started last Saturday when I received a letter from our GP asking me to call them to discuss my recent blood test results. My head went into overdrive; it was the weekend so had to wait for Monday to arrive and Neil was away in Germany for a stag weekend and I did not want to bother him whilst he was having fun.

In my head they wanted to discuss two things:
1) I was definitely not ovulating
2) They’d discovered I was pregnant from my results.

Curiosity got the better of me and I brought a test on sunday…more on this later!

Sunday started off well as I was treating my mum to afternoon tea in Letchworth. However on the way there some less then desirable character (I am being overly British and polite here, please enter own insult…!) rear ended me. I was lucky of a few things…
1) Nobody was hurt
2) I was not at fault
3) We had a witness
It turns out that the person who hit us did not know rules of the road or how to use their breaks and felt it perfectly acceptable to become very aggressive towards myself and my mum (to the extent of them alerting friends in another two cars and there now being six shady looking men hanging around, pretty scary). The witness, however, was an angel in disguise!

Much of the week has been spent sorting the whole sorry mess out. Friday brought news that my poor car had been written off, but by the evening we had sorted out a new car and I will be back on the road by Wednesday of next week!

Back to Monday now…! So I tried to call the doctor who had sent me the letter with regards to my progesterone levels blood test and of course they were not in; I was promised a call on the Wednesday. I’d taken the pregnancy test in the morning because I needed to settle my brain after two days of fretting (the car business didn’t help either to be fair!) but alas we are still not pregnant. So I knew it had to be about the test results not being great.

Wednesday arrived and by the time I had started my late shift I still had not had a call from the GP…I was starting to feel really stressed by this point. Whilst on a break at work I had to called them as I just needed to know. It turns out that due to not having a visit from Aunt Flo following the blood test the results told them very little and they advised my progesterone levels were low. I had a million questions but this doctor did not really want to give me any of their time, despite the fact the were supposed to ring me. Luckily, we already had a doctor’s appointment booked for the Friday so I decided to find more out then.

Friday arrived and we attended our appointment. It was explained that the results indicated very little due to the absence of Aunt Flos visit but this could be a high indication that I was not ovulating. I did, however have a much lower BMI (30.3!!!!) and they were happy to refer us back to the fertility clinic to start fertility drugs. A quick call to the hospital confirmed we could be seen from the middle of October, which suits me fine as that is after my upcoming hen do!

So now we wait…!


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