Going dairy free…!

So I read how dairy can be bad news for you if you have poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  I was aware that it’s not really supposed to be fit for human consumption thanks to a few friends who are whole 30 enthusiasts or vegans. But I was not aware that it is not good for PCOS sufferers.


Without going into great detail, it’s pack full of hormones which then imbalance our own, and let’s be honest fellow PCOS sufferers we need no help in that department at all! This imbalance then further hinders our attempts to conceive. Not good.

Having read this a few times now I was intrigued…so I checked out this page, this page and this page. It was enough information for me to decide to take the plunge and go dairy free. Anything to help us have a baby.

It will be hard because I love milk, yoghurt and cheese. However, I have not eaten much cheese since my weightloss so that one should be easy enough. Milk and yoghurt on the other hand… Not so easy! But all I can do is try!


4 thoughts on “Going dairy free…!

  1. No probs. I’ve tried almond milk but didn’t like it as you can taste the almonds. I think you can get coconut milk yogurts but I don’t like coconut and nor have I seen them anywhere yet! Be keen to know if you find an alternative yogurt/cheese to soya!


  2. Soya is not great for your hormones either I’m afraid! I’ve switched to rice milk but haven’t been able to find a good cheese or yogurt alternative sadly. Google soya and hormones, lots out there.


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