Count Downs

September is zooming past at an alarming rate.  October is nearly here and not quite sure where the time is going! It’s been such a busy month so far, with a wedding to attend, a foo fighters gig and my hen weekend just last week (it was amazing by the way!)

Right now, our life is filled with count downs…I have an app on my phone that tells me how many days until various big events that are coming up…such as our mini break with family to Wales next week, my local hen do and annual leave in October. The biggest count down at the moment is the wedding (and honeymoon of course)…less than 80 days to go! 

As of today though, we can add a new one.  It’s a date we have been looking forward to getting.  In a mere forty one days we will be attending our next fertility clinic appointment. This is the one we are hoping they will finally allow me to take Clomid/fertility drugs to aid us conceiving the next baby Lewis. 

It’s great to know we are getting one step closer and with a physical date of when we are being seen will help that feeling of being in limbo go away. It’s hard to describe if you are not in the same, or similar, situation but I often feel like we a in a haze; we know what we want but getting there is not a straight road. It’s hard to feel envious of others who may seemingly have that and without heartache but I would never judge another’s situation or compare it to our own as you never know another persons/couples story. A video I saw on Facebook today explained this perfectly. Model Chrissy Tiegen was discussing the trouble she and husband (John Legend) have been experiencing to conceive, and the awkwardness of being asked when they will be having a family.  You can watch it here

I recently spoke with someone who has been reading this blog, a friend of a friend.  They mentioned they had been reading it and that it helped to know someone else was experiencing the same kind of struggles. It was a real comfort to know that this blog and my crazy outlet is helping someone else. It can feel like a very lonely journey but there are so many people affected by infertility, and for so many reasons. It’s hard to keep a smile on your face and get through those awkward conversations but we just need to remember we are not alone even if it feels like it. 


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