Change is good

Back when I started this blog some may recall our first appointment. You can recap here if you so wish!

I left there in tears and the way we were handled largely contributed to this. I may verbally complain about things that have annoyed me to anyone who will listen (I can be very verbal!) but I am not really one for formal complaints. But after that first appointment I did write a formal complaint to the hospital patient advice and liason service, or PALS. More information on what this service does can be read on this link.

It’s taken some time, but today I got a response and I can honestly say, that I was listened to and change has been implemented following my complaint.

As a nurse I know that complaints from patients help services improve and individuals develop their skills. But I did feel guilty after I complained. I was a nurse too, I knew the pressures of the job so was I being fair? The answer, in short, is yes. We left that appointment feeling wretched and in part that was caused by the two nurses who dealt with us.

In the letter it does apologize and fully explained what was done to prevent this happening to others. The two nurses involved with the incident asked the writter to apologize on their behalf and admitted they were ‘flustered and embarrassed’ by the event.

I feel happy now that we received a response and it was not a big standard template style letter. It was a personal response from the chief executive of the hospital.


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