Back to square one

Earlier this week we had our latest fertility clinic appointment at our local hospital. It’s safe to say we are back to square one with myself needing to loose more weight.

The appointment itself was not as traumatic as the last time but the message still cut as deep. I feel we were teased as the GP indicated we would get the help we needed. But after being weighed and then sitting in the doctors office it was clear the gynaecologist had other ideas.

I have to lose another stone and a half before they can help us and we do not qualify for IVF until 2018…!

I know some may think we are still early in trying for a baby as it’s not been quite a year, but it’s no less stressful, specially when you know there are options available to you that are being denied based on an outdated system of weight monitoring.

I really dislike the BMI system. Take a rugby player…pure muscle, generally of a good height but would be considered obese at the very least due to their BMI. Crazy.

I may be overweight but I have lost a lot of weight this year to show I was willing and so close to their ‘ideal BMI’ and I am a healthy adult; yet here we are still with no help. It’s like the donkey and the dangling carrott that’s always just put off reach.

With our wedding just over a month away we have decided to shelf the fertility issue’s until the new year when we will just crack on with the weightloss and hopefully get the help we need.


3 thoughts on “Back to square one

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this Jayney! Can’t imagine how frustrating this must be for you and Neil! Can I ask why you wouldn’t qualify for treatment until 2018? Xx


    1. Fertility treatment on the nhs is basically a postcode lottery. So despite their being NICE guidance and recommendations, provision varies dependig on which trust is treating you. I think we do not qualify until then because our trust wants you to be trying for a certain period. We can be given fertility drugs before this time but not until my bmi is in the range they deem I should be.


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