Less hormones, more balance

We are taking a new approach for our journey to make a family. I’m hoping a more natural approach will help my body and my PCOS.Β  I have recently read a few sources that suggest that a vegan diet can aid women with PCOS tremendously.


The school of thought is fairly simple: the less hormones ingested via your food means less hormones to further imbalance your already imbalanced hormones. A low fat and high fibre diet, such as a vegan diet, can help regulat hormones and reverse many associated risks (as explained on thekindlife.com).


livestrong.com advice that following a vegan diet can actually help regulate insulin and as a result ones hormones can become more stable. This can aid regular periods and improve symptoms. There is so little known about PCOS and which diet is best. But seeing as a healthy vegan diet can aid weightloss and weightloss is known to improve symptoms I would say that is reason enough for me.Β 


Enough of the scientific bits for now though!

So that’s my plan…after Christmas…and new year! Well…with the wedding less than four weeks away and crimbo shortly afterwards I may as well enjoy my last few weeks of the year…right?

So, for those who do not know what a vegan diet consists of its basically as depicted in this little image…


Believe it or not, there is so much you can do with a vegan diet. A good friend of mine has been giving me some great tips and websites to check out and as ever pintrest is proving to be my best friend.

Over the next few weeks I shall be gathering recipes and ideas so that when January comes I will be ready to go. But until then I will enjoy the roast beef dinner at the wedding, the crab at the crab and rum shack I’m dying to try out on honeymoon and all the Christmas trimmings! πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ

It probably seems a little extreme to go from eating meat to going vegan but in my view it is no less extreme then the actidiet meal replacement plan. The hardest thing will be giving up dairy…I love the dairy! My last attempt to give dairy up failed miserably! I am hoping the benefits of a few sacrifices will outweigh any cravings…!

Would love to hear from any readers who have PCOS and are vegan!

As ever, I would like to add that these views are my own and should not be used as a medical opinion.

Images from this place,this other place, this little place and that other place!


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