I successfully made my first official vegan meal last night…and it was actually really good! I’m trying to ease myself in without committing until after Christmas. I have gone back to almond and oat milk and will start to phase diary out as I think this will be the hardest. This will fall to bits over the wedding period and Christmas as I am a cheese fiend and our wedding breakfast starter is goats cheese tart…!

It was Neils idea to try out a vegan meal and a literally didn’t know where to start. A quick online search led me to this Vegetable and Coconut Curry . The recipe also included coconut quinoa. It looked pretty simple and although I wasn’t sure what quinoa was I was ready to give it go!

Quinoa is apparently a really good source of protein and is wheat free. Pronounced keen-wa not qui-noa like I always want to say!

I digress…back to the food! So I followed the recipe (roughly) and as usual made too much. Which was a GOOD thing (for once!) as it was actually really nice! I shocked myself. Neil also really enjoyed it but have a feeling it will taste better on the second day. The quinoa was very tasty too and very filling.

I read a PETA post recently about 44 Accidental Vegan Foods and remembered that jus-rol was on this list so I also made mini cherry pies with soy custard.

Overall, the dinner was a success and looking forward to trying some more recipes!

I’d love to recipe swap with any followers! Very new to this so would love some simple starter recipes if anyone had any to share!






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