V for Vegan

It’s Sunday evening and what better way to end the weekend then with a new blog post. 

I am currently two weeks into the 30 day vegan challenge (via the Viva! webpage) and I can honestly say I am feeling great. 

I know, I know…people always try to convince you they feel awesome for being plant based and try to convince you that eating grass is the way forward but I can honest say, hand on heart, I do feel so much better. 

I am less tired, I am sleeping better and my skin is so much better.  My moods are better (which I hope is a sign of my hormones stabilising!) and I have had far less sugar cravings. 

I literally thought being a vegan meant I’d be feasting on chickpeas and kale, but I would say I’ve eaten the most varied I ever have. Without a running commentary of what I have been eating (because that would be boring!) there are a lot of foods available to vegans/plant based dieters that you wouldn’t think. All it takes is Google and a fair bit of label reading. I have found Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys have a lot of options so that you’re not feasting on chickpeas and kale. An interesting read is this article from PETA which lists some surprisingly ‘accidentally vegan’ foods. 

Eating out can be tricky and I had my first cheeseless pizza which was eloquently described by Neil as looking like someone had vomited over it…!  But going forward, I think I could cope with being vegan until another little egg cares to make an appearance and be kind enough to fertilise itself. 

I miss bacon….! 


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