It feels like things are moving in the right direction this week. 
After a little confusion (on my part) we are now officially referred to the fertility clinic and have a date for our initial consultation. 

In a blind panic I was worrying about my BMI after our experience with the NHS. So I joined slimming world to help my weight loss and it’s going well. However on discussing my weight with the clinic I have discovered that when you go private there is less pressure and as long as your BMI is under 35 (which mine is) you’re ok. I am planning on continuing with slimming world as is an easy way for me to loose weight. We have opted to go with a company called CARE Fertility as they have several clinics around the country and they have some great success rates. According to their webpage this is in part to their process called ‘care mapping’ which is a process that involves time shift scans of fertilised embryos to determine their viability and potential to result in a live birth. This allows them to select the best of the crop so to speak before insemination. 

So at the moment here is what we know needs to happen before I’m laying on a hospital bed, legs akimbo awaiting a fertilised egg of Lewis quality…

Our initial appointment is basically a fertility MOT for us both to determine what our options are. To start with I am required to go for a blood test called an Anti-Mullerian-Hormone which will look at my egg reserves. The beauty of this little puppy is, unlike the progesterone tests, this can be done at any point in your monthly cycle. From a small Internet search it does not appear the NHS will find this so this will be going on our private care bill. I’m pretty much ruling out any assistance from the NHS and I am okay with that. We want to be parents and this is what we need to do. I am also required to go for a Pelvic Examination Scan which will give a better idea of my reproductive organs health and viability. Neil is also required to have his swimmers tested again; we all ready know they are not the issue however the test the private clinic will do is more involved and will determin not just sperm count but speed and quality too. We will both have a medical history, BMI check and lifestyle check up too. Armed with all this information will aid the fertility clinic to determine which treatment is more likely to be successful. Exciting/scary stuff! But potentially, we could be seeing the year out pregnant. 

It is a hard task to get the emotions right on this. Following the loss of Shortround it is hard not to feel terrified that the next pregnancy will end the same way. On the other hand it is equally as hard not let your head run away with dreams of being pregnant, planning a nursery and the possibility of twins (1 in 5 IVF births are with multiple births!). So it’s safe to say that emotions are hard and fast in several directions at the moment.

I am working on my stress levels and continuing with a mix of reflexology and aromatherapy with my lovely friend and regularly listening to guided fertility meditation recordings. We are both improving our lifestyle with diet and exercise. We are basically doing everything we can to help us conceive our rainbow baby. 



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