So this is something we have been waiting for….and waiting for a long time! After all the let downs via the NHS fertility services we finally got the go ahead to start fertility drugs!

Without going into details, there are no issues with Neil, it is just a lack of egg production on my part.  The doctor we saw (who was lovely by the way!) said that the fact we DID conceive is promising and shows that I do ovulate, however it is sporadic. It also shows my fallopian tubes are patent too! So this is all good news. We discussed our options, and there are quite a few if you’re able to go private, which is not a luxury afforded by all and we are lucky we had lots of money given to us as wedding presents. 

We have opted to use Clomid to begin with and to go down the au natural route with conception to start with. I don’t know about you, but for me it can feel humiliating enough to be infertile so if we can conceive partly naturally then it just soothes my soul a little bit more if that makes any sense to anyone else? 

I have also been advised to restart taking metformin (this is a anti-diabetic drug which lowers insulin which aids hormone regulation) and was advised to start taking Inofolic. I had never heard of this before but it is a supplement aimed at women with PCOS…I have been asked about this a few times since I posted it on Facebook and Imstagram so I am going to blog separately about this, so keep your eyes peeled! I am also taking Zita West pre-natal vitamins and eating healthily. We was told that you should not be actively trying to loose weight whilst trying to conceive, but equally you should be mindful of what you are eating. 

I was so eager I wanted to start straight away but unfortunately Clomid does not work that way! 

It has to be started on specific day of your cycle (day two) and so we have to wait for next month. Then they monitor my egg production and hormone surge, and as long as there is no more than two eggs then we are…er…good to go if you catch my drift! We get given what they call a protocol which I should get tomorrow when I go for my scan and blood test which checks up on my egg health and reserves! 

It is all very positive and we are just so happy that we have a plan; it feels like we have been in limbo for such a long time! Here’s to hoping that we get to do a cheesy pregnancy announcement in the next few months…ok not cheesy but any announcement of this sort will be amazing to be able to do! 

Interestingly, the doctor did tell us that it can take most couples over a year to conceive and a further percentage it can take over two years. There are a lot of misconceptions around trying for a baby. Most people I’ve spoken too are unaware that it is all down to perfect timing! If you are trying for a family then my top tip is to get a period tracker app to help you gauge when you are at your most fertile! A huge cause of supposed infertility is poor timing; there is such a small window you are fertile each month, when your egg releases! So one bit of information to remember is that sperm stays alive in your system for up to 48 hours however your egg is only good for LESS than 24 hours! 

I recently heard from some followers of the blog and I am so happy they got in touch! It’s a lovely feeling to know the blog is helping others in the same situation! Always happy to hear from any readers! You can contact us via our Facebook page and I aim to reply to everyone! 


2 thoughts on “The Doctor from CARE said yes! 

    1. Really? How did you find it? How many rounds did you have? My scan and AMH were very promising so hoping it will work first time but I’m mindful that it may not! Keeping positive!


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