An update from Cornwall!

This latest post is being posted from our holiday in Cornwall, in the sunny port town of Hayle! We arrived this afternoon after leaving at the crack of dawn and have already been to the beach! We are now relaxing in a little beach hut which is home for the next week! Bliss! Still not escaping Euro 2016 as Neil has the football on but hey ho, can’t have it all! 

I realised I had not done an update since we got the go ahead from CARE Fertility and a few things have happened since then! 

My body and Mother Nature thought it would be hilarious to prank us and gave me a period ten days late! You can Imagine what we were thinking! Yes, I know I have PCOS and this shouldn’t have come as a surprise BUT I’ve been pretty ‘normal’ over the last year and I was presenting very similar to when I was pregnant before. This not only played a very cruel trick on our hopes and emotions but also put back when I could have my scan to check out my egg follicles!  This had to be done between days five to eight of my cycle and when you A) work shifts B) the clinic doesn’t often do weekends and is not local, let alone in the same county and C) your cycle is being a drama queen panic stations where setting in! 

I was so worried that we would have to wait even longer, which I am sure didn’t help matters either! But there was no need to stress as I had my scan and my Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test and the results were promising!  I apparently have 45 potential egg follicles over both ovaries and my AMH results were 29.71 which is apparently a indication of a good amount of egg reserves…so I have eggs! This is good news. It means I just need help with ovulation! It means we won’t have to face the issues and costs of egg donation. It’s positive news!

Once all that was discovered we were able to pay for our assisted cycle and receive our fertility drugs!

Since we had our consultation I have been taking my metformin, prenatal vitamins and Inofolic like clockwork! All we need now is day one of my cycle arrive so that I can start taking the clomid on day two for five days. On day nine or ten I will need to go for a scan to make sure the medication has done their job (if not I get to have a lovely injection to spur it on!) and then we get told the optimum time to try for conception! Hence the name, assisted cycle!

Then it is an agonising TWO WEEK WAIT! We are not allowed to do any pregnancies tests, the clinic will confirm whether the cycle was successful or not. Apparently the fertility drugs can give a false positive result so they advice not to do one until they have confirmed it to avoid disappointment. 

We should be starting the medication this week, whilst in sunny Cornwall! But for once I cant wait for the arrival of that monthly visitor!

I am aware that clomid can mess with ones hormones and so I am ‘attempting’ to prepare myself and Neil for this! I hope I won’t be too emotional/awful to live with, work with or be around so will apologise now! 


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