The day arrived (finally!!) to start taking Clomid and it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the day to arrive. I will apologise now…I try to limit any talk of periods on this blog as much as possible. But we are all adults and know they occur…they’re a bit like a pick and mix in one respect; never the same and come in many different forms! So as a pre-warning there is tiny bit of talk on the Crimson warrior!

Just like last month, my body was a diva and Aunt Flow made a late and dramatic entrance. Which put all our timings out of whack and again made us wonder if we we’re going to need the Clomid after all! But alas, a big fat negative told us other wise.  Hey ho, we were on holiday in Cornwall so we got over it pretty quick!

us not giving AF at the Eden Project, Cornwall
So we waited a few more days and here we are. Day one of taking Clomid has arrived and things are finally going forward. 

We have a protocol we now have to follow which entails of the following:

  • We had to call the fertility clinic on day one of my cycle to confirm and book the required scans. 
  • Day two entails of starting the Clomid and thus continues for five days in total
  • Day nine I will go for a scan to check if my egg follicles are developing
  • Days fourteen and sixteen I am required to go for further scans to check for LH surge
  • If no surge is detected I will be required to have an Injection of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) 
  • Then, ever so romantically, we are instructed when to do the deed to complete the assisted/timed conception of future baby Lewis. 

Timing is not on our side this week as my asthma has flared up this week resulting in me needing a short course of prednisolone, which is a steroid used in asthma and similar conditions to strengthen the chest. I have had it before so it’s not an issue but never fails to make me feel really nauseous. Combined with metformin and Clomid this has already started and I’m very thankful for mint tea today!

all medication comes with side effects, clomid is no different
As with all medication having side effects, Clomid is no different. So this is what I need to be watching out for over the next few days, according to my patient leaflet as produced by Sanofi Aventis!

so here it is, all the ‘loveliness’ i may experience over the next few days!
Another big risk, which can lead to a hospital admission (hey, I work in one so now biggie…right?!) is Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS).  This is where the ovaries go into over drive and give you ALL the eggs instead of none ( well, maybe not all your eggs but you get my point!) check the link for more information! There is a higher risk in women with PCOS but as I am over 30 without a low body weight I should be okay! 

According to this link there is 5-10% chance of having twins (compared to 1.2% of women who conceived twins naturally) so that’s another thing to be aware of! I personally think twins would be nice! Twice the fun! 👶👶

I will continue to keep you all updated as I can! Don’t forget you can follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr! Just search Teapot Jayney or click the links! 


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