Today is 5DPO in ‘trying to conceive’ (TCC) lingo.  TCC lingo is like a whole other language! To the rest of the world this means I am five days post ovulation. This is huge as I apparently was not ovulating before. Apart from that one time we conceived Shortround. Clomid did its job!

After my course of Clomid, which lasted for five days I had to go for several scans to check the effect this was having. Was it doing its job? Did I have too many egg follicles? That kind of thing! To refresh your memories, I started Clomid on day two of my cycle until day six. My first scan was on day eleven. This was the worse one as at this point we did not know if it had worked. The worse side effect I had experienced was hot flashes….not nice! I had tried to stay relaxed but that’s hard when you work full time as a staff nurse.  I sat in the waiting room trying to stay positive, trying to push doubtful thoughts out of my head. We were trying to stick with the mantra ‘what will be will be’. I was called into a tiny room and the scan proceeded.  I am not going to elaborate, as although I want to share my journey I don’t want to be too graphic, let’s just say it’s not the most dignified process and leave it there. 

Within a few minutes I was told that I had several small egg follicles but one large one that was 13mm and my uterine wall was showing signs of thickening. This was great news, the Clomid was working! I am not sure how I would have taken the news if it had been a waste of time. I left the clinic a happy bunny.

I was due back on the Monday so the weekend saw me using OPK’s twice a day. An OPK is an ovulation prediction kit and it detects the LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which is an indication of  ovulation. I returned on the Monday (day fourteen) and that juicy egg follicles had increased from 13mm to 18mm! At this point all the OPK’s had been negative but we were feeling very hopeful!  

I returned again a couple of days later, on day sixteen, and the egg follicle had increased by another 5mm to 23mm and we had a positive OPK! We found it odd it was this day when Shortround should have been due the following day.  We are hoping it’s a good sign from the powers that be. 

So now we are in our TWW, or two week wait! It’s going to be a long two weeks! I started a new job in the middle if all this and now work long days, which means more down time. This is good as it means I’m resting when I should be instead of racing from shift to shift, and the new role is keeping me preoccupied luckily!

We have been told which day we need to test and I am keeping that a secret just now. We are hoping to be able to announce some good news when the time is right! 

It is a stressful experience, I will not lie! At this point, finances aside, we do not know what our next step will be if this cycle does not work. We are praying to the baby fairies that it is successful so we won’t have to cross that bridge. Having to remember to rake the tablets, dealing with side effects and the oh so unromantic timed conception can Keane you feeling a bit flat. I would advice anyone about to go through this is make sure you are in a good place physically, but more importantly mentally. It is both mentally and physically draining for both of you. Although this TWW is a drag it’s the most relaxed part of the cycle, in my opinion. I recently spoke with someone who had been successful with IVF and she said to me, with a knowing look, its ‘fun’ isn’t it! Keep your eye on the end result you want and it will be fine. I hate it when people say to me ‘just relax and it will happen’ because they have no idea what it is like but equally they are kind of right. We do need to relax as it will just make the whole process so much easier! 


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