It’s been a little while since I have written a post and I have actually been missing it. 

I was at a loss as to what I should be writing about. After all, our fertility journey is on a break and that was the main focus of our blog. 

It’s two months into our break from actively trying and I can honestly say it has been much needed. It’s exhausting, all those OPK kits, the two week wait, the crushing reality every month of those BFN’s and convincing yourself next month will be the month all while the crimson warrior kicks your arse with pain, tiredness and emotions. 

So yeah it’s been a nice two months so far. I couple of times we have both been guilty of breaking it, neither of us are good with out a plan! But it is only until march. 

I have myself some time to just relax the first few weeks. We went away glamping in a shepherd hut (it had a log burner and a hot tub!), we went out for dinner, enjoyed good food, good wine and even better company. I even got a puppy…she’s called Ariel, she is a cavachon, she is beautiful and terribly spoilt! 

Three weeks ago (tomorrow) I restarted slimming world. I have lost 7lbs already and I am feeling much better for it. Looking forward to seeing how much I lost this week tomorrow! Lots of dog walks and running around at work are helping my losses? Would love to join the gym but I have no will power where that is concerned. 

We are in full swing prepping for Christmas. We are both off for the first time ever and are planning a big family Christmas! Very exciting. 

I am painfully aware that the festive period will bring some strong emotions as the first anniversary of our loss of Shortround nears ever closer    But we are a strong couple, I’m sure we can deal with it. 


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