The blog has been as still as calm waters for some time now and it’s about time we updated you…! 

We’ve had a long and emotional journey to get to the point where we can share good news. Two long years of bitter disappointment, awful gynae appointments, our huge loss and failed fertility treatments, and not forgetting all those negative pregnancy tests. 

But today we get to announce our rainbow baby is finally on their way!

We are not sure how, but the baby fairy sprinkled her baby dust and this august we shall be welcoming another Lewis into our family! We have known for some time (since before Christmas in fact!) and although a select few already know we are very happy to be able to share our news! 

My big sister told me once that she knew she was pregnant with my youngest nephew before she even tested, and I sat there and thought but how? How can you tell? But crazily enough, I had the same feeling! I guess this journey has made me more in tune with my body and I was certain I felt implantation cramping, but I’d had no spotting. It kept going round in my head and I repeatedly was trying to work out when I could test. It was obsessive. Then the conflict of ‘no don’t do this to yourself, in case you are not!’ sprung up too. My head gets a very noisy place at times! So I tried to get on with our daily life. Our first anniversary was days away and I was looking forward to what we had planned. 

So there I am, trying not to think about the possibility of our rainbow baby, when Neil suggests I should take a test as we may be drinking on our anniversary so I had to tell him what I thought was going on in my uterus! Unfortunately it was still too early to test! 

Two days later, not having much hope, I caved and tested early! When I saw those two lines I did not have the reaction I thought I’d have. It was about 0600am on a Wednesday morning and as I saw those lines I said ‘huh…’ and then had to wait a long forty five minutes for Neil to wake up and he had a similar reaction. I put it down to shock, worry and fear. Which is normally following a miscarriage I guess. To rest our minds I took a second test the day the dreaded crimson warrior was due! Low and behold it was still positive…crazy right?! 

We told our closest family and I had to tell work and we continued on to Christmas and new year. We had tried to keep it on needs to know basis at work but that’s impossible when there has been a lot I’ve not been allowed to do! Plus in family tradition of babies not wanting to stay hidden, this baby is no exception! Feeling a mixed bag of happiness, excitement, apprehension and fear we started 2017 counting down to today! Yesterday we had our scan and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted.  Baby is a wriggling, thumb sucking beauty!  Everything looks healthy and I am feeling as good as one can in their first trimester…my jeans still fit, so that’s a win! 

Still astounded how this happened, but my midwife thinks there may have been some Clomid left in my system which helped things along. I wonder if it’s something to do with the time of the year; we conceived a similar time as we did with Shortround and had been told a long time ago that I was probably only ovulating once or twice a year. So potentially when I was told I’d never conceive naturally, they’d just tested in the wrong month…maybe. Or maybe it’s a miracle/medical marvel. Or they were wrong. Who knows! All we know is we are going to be parents and that is equally amazing, exciting and ever so scary! 

This pregnancy feels totally different, it feels healthier, my pregnancy symptoms are stronger and the complete opposite to last time! I am classed as a high risk pregnancy due to my BMI still and PCOS but we take each day as it comes, I rest when I need to and make the most of energy bursts in between nausea and food aversions! Work are being very supportive too which is a huge relief! 

So, there you have it! The news we’ve been dying to tell you all since December 7th!
P.S mum, you can start knitting now! 😘


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  1. I am so, so, soooooooo happy for you both. Like stupidly happy. Can’t wait to read your updates, and see those beautiful growing bump photos. Congratulations, to two of the most deserving people I know. xxx


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