Time has been zooming by since we announced our happy news!  We are over half way through and will be welcoming our rainbow baby before we know it! 

The pregnancy is going well and I am keeping very healthy. There’s been no major issues and I have been feeling very well. Apart from the normal pregnancy symptoms…that lower back pain is soo much fun at work! 

I am now starting to feel the baby kick but they’re not strong enough for Neil to feel yet! But they get stronger every day! FYI for anyone whose been told it feels like butterfly’s the first few times….it’s lies! Mine started like a flick from inside and have got progressively stronger! It’s a lovely feeling but they can catch you unawares! Still, it’s a feeling I would never trade!

I love to watch our bump grow and try to take a picture every week! I think this will be something nice to look back on in later years! 

Just this week we had our anomaly scan. It was lovely to see Baby Lewis again! It feels such a long time between your first scan and the following midwifery appointment, so it’s reassuring to see them!  A lot of people refer to this as the gender scan but it’s actually to check everything is how it should be. They checked the whole body for any signs of abnormalities and we are happy to report baby is fit and well! Just like last time they were not facing in the right direction and needed some poking and prodding to move! They managed to get us a lovely clear image this time too! It was amazing to see they’re little heart beating and you could see the spine perfectly!

We was very adamant we was not going to find out what we was having, but we have really been struggling to stay gender neutral. 

We decided the night before, if baby was willing to share and the sonographer was 100% certain we would find out what we was having!   We had been on the fence for some time and are both people who NEEDS to be organised! 

Our sonographer said, without a hint of doubt, that our baby was clearly a boy! He may have been laying the wrong way at first for the sonographer to see his brain and heart but he was certainly happy and proud to show of his male anatomy! 

We was going to try and keep it a secret but it’s just too hard! It’s team blue all the way now! 



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