Baby Prepping at The Baby Show

I am really conscious that this blog has focused on the health side of our fertility journey. I’m in a place with it that I want to continue it, but where do we go from here, once Baby Lewis has arrived?

I currently feel a bit of a statistic. We was the 1 in 4 who lost their first pregnancy. We was the 1 in 4 to experience fertility issues. I’m the 1 in 5 to experience SPD (according to my physiotherapist!) and as predicted by obs and gynae consultant I have gestational diabetes. But none of that matters, because being pregnant with PCOS does not mean your are any less pregnant. It means you over come all the statistics, the warnings of infertility and you are growing a baby. 

Granted, as women there are parts of pregnancy we wish we could side step (morning sickness, the back ache, the constipation….need I go on?) but for anyone who has struggled to conceive they would welcome those with widely flung open arms. 

There are fun sides to pregnancy too which over shine the fact you can’t see your feet whilst standing up for a while! Such as baby prepping! 

I can honestly say I am not a fan of shopping…I hate it.  It’s boring, it’s frustrating when you can’t find what you want or your size plus other shoppers really get on my nerves. I will go out with my mum and she is famous for dragging you round the shopping centre only to end up back at the first shop. The best bit of being dragged around is that there will always be a little stop for a decent cup of tea…my saving grace!

I have found though, that I love shopping for this baby! It’s kinda fun, everything is new and exciting, tiny and oh so cute! I had heard about the Baby Show through a friends blog, The Newhouse Family Blog (well worth a read!), Facebook and instsgram posts and I was very intrigued! I had really wanted to go to the one in March, held at the Excel in London but it was Neil’s birthday weekend. So when I saw another one was being held in Birmingham I jumped at the chance to go and get my own back on my mum and drag her around shopping! 

It was a first for me, never having been to anything like it before, except maybe a couple of wedding shows locally when we were wedding planning. But it was amazing! The Baby Show is basically a one stop shop for everything you could need for your new baby, or even ones already growing too fast! 

Had I known how good the deals would be I think I would of held off getting some of our bigger items! As I realised when we got there that you can order things like prams, nursery equipment and furniture and car seats and they can be delivered! So this is something to bear in mind should you find yourself heading there whilst expecting. 

One tip I will give if you go to the one in Birmingham – if you are travelling by train, check out the NEC website as you can heavily discounted trains straight there! 

I didn’t really know what to expect from the show to be honest. It seems that it is generally held over a three day period and you can pick which day you want to go. We went on the second day and I wonder if the deals are any better on the last day? 

I had a few items in mind I wanted to get whilst there and there was some stands I wanted to visit specifically due to on hand experts but I was so overwhelmed when I got there that I don’t think I did everything I wanted too! 

We did, however, utilise the freebies! When we booked our tickets you had the option to buy a made for mums goodie bag for £5; contents being worth £35! So we paid for two of those! But as you work your way around the show there are so many stands handing out freebies of various value and use you won’t know what to do with them all! I came away with baby aveno samples, baby wipes and a pack of nappies from Tesco, moisturising cream for me, an SMA bib and a Nestle bowl and spoon, child’s farm baby wash and shampoo trial size samples, a total of two bottles and around three dummies and a johnsons newborn baby head to toe wash trial size sample. I also got a full sized bottle of Stur liquid water enhancer just for entering a competition! The £5 goodie bag included stretch mark oil spray, a Chico and a NUK bottle, infacare baby bath, pregnacare liquid vitamins and minerals and a sebamed set with baby bathing products in as well as a CBebbies magazine for any little ones! It was great to take my mum as it meant she was able to pick up some of these too to build her own stock up for when she looks after Baby Lewis when I eventually go back to work! 

Shopping wise, we did really well. It would be easy to max out your credit card because you will want to buy everything! We was very/kind of restrained though! I wanted to come away with at least a breast pump and I managed to do so, with a a great breast feeding starter set from MAM which included a manual pump, breast pads and some bottles/milk storage pots. I fell in love with the bibs of the Funky Giraffe stand and came away with about seven brightly coloured bandana bibs! I found a bargain for a breast feeding and baby support pillow which was only £12 and there was so many lovely baby clothes that had to essentially close my eyes to them! We picked up a few bits but with being monitored for baby’s size each month due to the GD I’m not wanting to buy too many clothes until we know how big he is going to be.  

I did splurge on a baby towel from the Original Cuddledry stand – they were on Dragons Den with their hands free bamboo baby towel – these towels are fab but not essential! It has a strap that goes around your neck whilst bathing baby.  The towel is double lined so as you are wearing it you are warming it up and it keeps your hands free to bath baby and not drop them in the water (see the benefit here!). They are made of bamboo too so have antiseptic properties and are so soft! So…yeah…an unnecessary buy but I feel it will be invaluable to these two first time parents! 

My other splurge was on some reusable wipes from cheeky wipes. I have recently received around six non-disposable nappies from various companies; I had been stocking up on Mamia nappies from Aldi but I am now on the fence on which would be best. Neil is not convinced,  but I can certainly see the benefit of less nappies in the landfill and less chemicals next to babies skin (specially with my track record of sensitive eczema prone skin!). I have enough to give them a go if I can figure out how it all works that is!  But as for the wipes, these seem such a fab idea! The starter kit includes a clean and dirty system for indoors and on the go and it is all colour coded, they come with essential oils which smell amazing and seem a really easy system to use. The bonus is the money it saves too. There’s no need for fancy washing cycles. Just pop them in with your normal wash! Neil, as with the nappies, is not convinced but once he sees the savings I’m sure he will come around…hopefully! 

There was lots more deals on the day, such as half price baby feeding equipment and there was something for everyone depending on what you were looking for. There was also fashion shows, expert talks and if you were more organised then I was you couple have booked in for baby first aid taster sessions and one to one talks with experts, such as a lactation consultant (really kicked myself for not booking that!). Additionally, the organisers thought of everything from a crèche, baby changing area with free nappies, a feeding area which included free baby food and an area to test prams and ride along toys. 

I would highly recommend this show to anyone. There was lots of people on hand for advise on products and general information which I found great, specially as a first time mum. On the whole most stands were not pushy which made me more willing to part with my hard earned cash! 

* please note I am not affiliated with any of these companies but I have included links for information *


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