Time is flying by and Harrison is already 17 weeks old! I never know when the month comes into play…technically 16 weeks is four months but he was born on the 31st so wouldn’t the end of the month be four months?! I don’t know and I am digressing!

He is growing up very fast right before our eyes, he’s finding his voice, discovering things that make him laugh and starting to figure out how to move. Just the other night during a late night feed he decided he was finished and pushed himself out of my arms and did some kind of triple commando roll which left him in hysterics and me contemplating how much worse that could have ended! The little tinker!

Another new development is the dreaded teething! We are in the very early stages but already it is causing issues.

As many of you know, our boy is allergic to cows milk protein and is totally dairy free. He is on a specialised amino acid based milk and when we start weaning in January he will continue to be dairy free until he’s at least one year old.

So here’s a little nugget for you…calpol is not dairy free! It contains a substance that contains lactose!

Harrison had a succession of reactions and we couldn’t figure out what it could be! We started to worry we was passing on dairy through skin and mouth contact so we began washing our hands and mouth after eating or drinking anything with dairy in. We worried we was contaminating his bottles in the kitchen so we had a move around and no food is made remotely near where we prepare his feeds. But the reactions continued!

As a member of the very helpful CMPA support group on Facebook I remembered someone mentioning sorbitol causing an issue. A quick google search later and I discovered that sorbitol, AKA E420, which is an ingredient in calpol, contains lactose! An unknown fact to many! I didn’t even know this as a nurse!

So we thought back and every reaction had followed a dose of calpol; for his jabs, a fever when he had a cold and of course teething. A chat with a lovely local pharmacist lead us to an own brand paracetamol syrup without sorbitol in.

The next time his little gums were red raw and he was miserable we tried the new paracetamol and the same thing happened again! The GP is guiding us through this and has prescribed an alternative. All three contain another common ingredient so it could be that causing the reactions. It really is a waiting game.

At our wits end and just wanting to soothe our boy we tried a couple of soothers and he just wouldn’t chew them. He would chew his hands, whether these had mittens on or not, and clothes.

Enter the amazing Gummee glove!

I had heard of these through a friend and I think I recall seeing them at the Baby Show (I say think as teething was not on my radar at that point!) plus I was following them on their Facebook page.

It’s a very simple, yet genius, concept.

It is made up of a glove that fits snuggly over your baby’s hand with a Velcro strap. Here is pictured Harrison’s glove which is their 3-6 month old model.

On either side there are two silicon textured tabs fit to soothe the sorest of gums.

This wiggly patch has a little baby sensory element and gives a very satisfying crinkle (love that noise!)

The glove it self can be popped into the washing machine and this beautiful heart silicon teether can be removed. I particularly like this because it means Baby can still soothe their gums while the glove is being washed! Genius I tell you!

The product was designed by a fellow Mum Jodine Booth after she discovered the need for teething mitts during her own child’s teething periods (Gummee Glove Story).

Here is Harrison enjoying a good gnaw!

I can also vouch for their customer service. In my excitement in finally ordering one I somehow accidentally ordered two (don’t ask, I’ve also lost two bank cards since the boy has been born so I literally wouldn’t put anything past me these days!)

A quick call to their customer service had this sorted in no time. I ordered on the Thursday, my extra order was sorted the same day, our item was dispatched the following day and it was received and on Harrison’s hand/in his mouth by Monday!

I seriously can not recommend these enough! Your teething baby will love you for it!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by gummee uk or any of their associates. This is an independent review.


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