A few weeks before Christmas I was blindly browsing through Facebook whilst stuck under a sleeping baby and I came across a Facebook page called Monkey Music for the Flitwick and Great Denham area (Bedfordshire). They were looking for mummy/parenting bloggers to review their class in return for a free taster session. I love free and the class sounded fun! So I messaged them with a link to the blog and we was invited along to see what it was all about.

It can be hard to fill your day with things that doesn’t leave babies bored and grumpy so I really wanted to check this group out.

So what is Monkey Music?

Monkey Music is a musical class aimed to develop skills, to engage and enrich babies and children with music, group activity and percussion instruments. The cater for babies from three months up to children of four years of age. Their classes are split into age appropriate to ensure targeted learning. The groups they run are:

  • Rock’n’roll: aimed a babies from three months old and aims to help with emotional and intellectual development
  • Heigh-ho: for toddlers up to twelve months and has an emphasis on learning about space and reacting
  • Jiggity-jig: for two to three year olds. Here they learn to sing, dance and compose music
  • Ding-dong: for three to four year olds. This final group helps them to learn about instruments, recognise music and musical patterns.

So as you can see the classes aim to stimulate children through music and rhythm, learn new experiences, interact with other children their own age and have fun with instruments.

The franchise has been going since 1993 and was created by Angie Coates, a first time mum who was also a musician/teacher looking for a Music group. When she couldn’t find one she created Monkey Music.

Our taster session

So, the day we had booked to go for our taster session was probably not the best day. Harrison was on the back of two allergic reactions so was not his usual perky self. The class itself was good fun. We was welcomed by a lovely lady named Kate and her fluffy friend Monkey. We was in a group of around eight other children and their grown ups. Kate was very warm and welcoming and urged us to come and join the show. She welcomed all the little people in song and it was lovely to see their smiling faces. She really engaged them and the babies clearly enjoyed their time in the group. It came across as a really fun and interactive group activity which clearly benefited the little ones who had attended.

Harrison had other ideas! He was feeling grotty, he was tired and grumpy and getting over two days worth of allergic reactions. He didn’t want to smile at the lady with the lovely singing. He didn’t want to shake the bells and he didn’t like the scarfs. He did however projectile vomit over the mats! I have never ran for a muzzy and wet wipes whilst quickly muttering apologies and turning a beautiful red colour! Argh!

I think had we gone on a day when Harrison was in a better mood I think he would really enjoyed it. He enjoys different types of music, specially Music I played when pregnant (like Bob Marley!) and he loves listening to nursery rhymes! So maybe in the future we will try again!

Although Harrison didn’t seem enthralled by the class I think it would be very beneficial for him and would like to try again on a better day for him! I would really recommend checking them out! They have lots of different locations and they offer free taster sessions!

Disclaimer: This is an independent review in return for a free session.


Facebook Group for Flitwick and Great Denham

Monkey Music web page

Find a class


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